Vrsar-Orsera, Kamp Portosole, Limski kanal, Kontija (Kamp Portosole, Limski kanal, Kontija)

15.12.2018 - 16.12.2018

Lim Bay Challenge: Sunny Winter Trail

10:00 h
Kamp Portosole, Limski kanal, Kontija (Kamp Portosole, Limski kanal, Kontija)

Are you ready for two races in two days? Are you are tired of hiding from cold water inside the same four walls? Do you have a free weekend on 15th and 16th December? The Sunny Winter Trail is a two-day running event that will offer you the spirit of the Mediterranean when winter knocks at your door.

The Vrsar and Lim Bay surroundings are ideal locations and challenging for everyone. Experienced runners in search of a true trail have the Sunny category at their disposal that passes through the most wonderful viewpoints of the Lim Bay and ends in the Portosole Campsite. The 30 km long trail runs through an interesting combination of Mediterranean rocky ground and coastal forest offering a true sporting and visual treat.

The 16 km long Urban category is scheduled for the second day and is intended for classical trail runners as well as for those who like road running.
A number of urban trails and macadam ones will take you through the parks and campsites as well as through the Dušan Džamonja Sculpture Park, and it is up to you to decide whether it will be a fast race or just Sunday sightseeing of the surrounding beauties.

Fun & Run was designed as a 10 km long recreational race for the first day of the trail for all those wanting to spend time in nature walking or running slowly and is suitable for the whole family. For those youngsters who are just starting on their first running steps, the Kids Trail Run will be a whole new experience that will provide parents with a quiet afternoon with tired children.

Both the start and finish are in the Portosole Campsite, and the winners will be declared in individual categories and in a stage race that sums up the results achieved over both days. The entry-fees include start packages and a joint lunch for two days, whilst the central venue is the Portosole Campsite.

See you at the seaside. Hibernation is not an option this year.