Štriga! Istrian rogaine challenge


Rogaining is an orienteering sport of long distance, it includes movement strategies and navigation between checkpoints by using the different types of maps. 

Teams which can accept between 2 and 5 members try to get to as many checkpoints as possible in defined time. Shorter rogaine races can be organized for individuals. Checkpoints can bring different number of points which depends on difficulty of finding it, so teams must develop a strategy (for example, to get to as many checkpoints as possible of lower significance.

Teams move by walking (or running), use maps and compass for orienteering on the terrain which vary from the open one to the flat and further to the terrain located in the hilly woods. Central spot, for which rogaine use the word “hash house” is a place where competitors can have a cooked meal and teams can return to it whenever they want to eat, rest or sleep.  

Teams move by their own speed according to their level of training so this sport is open to all ages, from children to the seniors. During the race, the team members have to be close to one another and all the team members must visit the checkpoints. Usually, the rogaine race duration is 24 hours and the Istrian challenge will last 12 hours.