Whether was it for the luscious red wine, for the Mediterranean romance of the fishermen village or maybe for a mysterious beautiful woman, the famous Casanova came back to Vrsar even two times. Although in his “Memories” the real reason has never been revealed, if the way brings you to Vrsar, you could easily think of him. So, do not hesitate, if you have chosen this track, enjoy in everything that comes to your way.

To begin, ride across the centre of Vrsar and inside the ancient town walls, discover the beautiful sinuous streets with aligned old houses of different historical styles. Stop by the ancient Romanic town gate near the church of St. Anthony of Padua from the XVII century and rest in its so called Lopica – a porch intended for gathering, or for protection from swelter or rain. For those seeking the traces of Casanova’s signs, here somewhere you’ll also find a house with two stone statues of plump and prosperous women, build in front of the house. If you continue further, at the very entrance of Vrsar, you’ll find the parish church of St. Martin with a belfry and an old castle – the ancient residence of the bishops of Poreč, but what’s here really special, that are the romantic sunsets over even 18 islets sparse all over in front of the port of Vrsar.

If you continue further along the track, you’ll reach Kapetanova stancija, and from there the way leads you until the airport Crljenka where you can have a break and enjoy in a panoramic flight by plane, rent a horse for a horseback ride or refresh yourself with a cold drink. The next stop that waits for you along the track is the cave of St. Romuald where have been found traces of Palaeolithic culture, that was named after an eremite which lived in it in the beginning of the XI century.

If you continue further along the track, after the vineyards and the olive-grows, in front of you will suddenly appear the forest Kontija which pine- and oak-trees and the untouched rich vegetation will just enchant you, to arrive afterwards to Kloštar, a village at the west bank of the Lim bay. Close to this village you can find the remains of the Benedictine monastery of St. Michael which, according to a legend was founded in the XI century by St. Romuald, the founder of the order of the Camaldolesi, which cavern you’ve just visited. After you visit this place rich of cultural-monumental heritage, ride further over Šeraj and here you are at the end of the track in Marasi – a village where a deserved refreshment waits for you.


  • Following the steps of Casanova: the Mediterranean romance of Vrsar
  • A flight over 18 islets of the Vrsar archipelago: the airport Crljenka
  • The eremite?s shelter: the cave of St. Romuald over Lim
  • The magical forest: Kontija
  • Kloštar - the Benedictine monastery of St. Michael
Tourist associations:
Vrsar, R.Končara 46, tel. 052 / 441 746

  • Police:
    Poreč, Gimnastička 2, tel. 052 / 533 111
    Vrsar, Zračna luka Vrsar, tel. 052 / 441 861

  • First aid:
    Vrsar, Rade Končara 66, tel. 052 / 441 308
    Poreč, Maura Gioseffia 2, tel. 052 / 451 611, 453 158

  • Pharmacy:
    Vrsar, Trg Degrassi 8, tel. 052 / 441 347

  • Bus station:
    Poreč, Karla Huguesa 2, tel. 052 / 432 153

  • Taxi station:
    Vrsar, tel. 098 962 2555

  • Post office:
    Vrsar, Saline bb, tel. 052 / 441 391

  • Airport:
    Vrsar, tel. 052 / 428 130, 091 500 9808


Gastronomic guide

  • Marina, Obala maršala Tita 4, tel. 052 / 441 052
  • Mariva, Dalmatinska 16, tel. 052 / 442 930
  • Mirabel, Obala maršala Tita 31, tel. 052 / 441 672
  • Trošt, Obala maršala Tita 1a, tel. 052 / 445 197
  • Viking, Limski kanal, tel. 052 / 448 223
  • Lim fjord, Limski kanal 1, tel. 052 / 448 222

Wine roads

  • Krunčići, Sveti Lovreč ?Vina Matošević?, tel. 098 367 339
  • Baderna, Katun 1, ?Aleksandar Tidić?, tel. 052 / 462 341, 098 254 296