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771 (ex 646) WOODS TRAIL

You will set off to explore this woody trail in the centre of Svetvinčenat next to the Morosini-Grimani Castle, which has been the pride of the local people since the 13th century. In modern times it is known as one of favourite stages in Croatia for numerous musicians. You head northwards along the asphalt road. Upon reaching the village of Bričanci, you turn right, pass between the houses and continue along the forest path. The trail runs past the concrete house of the forest administration located on your right, and continues along the water pipeline to the junction. At the junction, it turns to the left and onto the main forest path, which passes through several junctions, and leads to the transmission line. After passing under the transmission line, the trail continues straight forward and then turns left after a couple of hundred meters. It continues along the forest path up to a larger junction, where it takes the right turn and reaches the village of Foli. The trail passes through the village and turns right onto the main gravel road. After 900 metres the trail leaves the gravel road and continues along the side dirt/gravel road. Following the gravel road and a network of forest paths, the trail winds around the forest, then goes deep into to the forest and all the way to its middle, where it continues westwards to Svetvinčenat.

The trail is suitable for all types of recreation, from hiking and running to orienteering throughout the whole year. Especially a large number of people devoted to outdoor activities is drawn here in summer when the forest offers plenty of shade and protection against the summer heat.


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