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263 (ex 63) OPRTALJ - ČEPIĆ

The trail starts in the village of Sveta Lucija near Oprtalj. In the centre of the village there is a little church of St. Lucia (crkva sv. Lucije) built in 1605 as a single-nave church building with a distaff-shaped bell tower with two bells and lopica – a roofed loggia in the front as an extension of the area for congregants. The church became an important sanctuary for the local people, and therefore, a multitude of congregants gather there each year on the feast day of St. Lucia.

From this point, the first kilometre of the trail runs downhill through sparse woodland in the direction west. Then, the trail becomes more open and starts to ascend. Just before the second kilometre the trail reaches the village of Laganiši. It continues to ascend, but takes a turn for almost 180°, for it reverses and heads back west. Near Laganiši, there is a namesake cave, which is a valuable speleological and archaeological site with findings older than 5,000 years. After this interesting location, the trail continues through fields, grassland and sparse bushes for less than a kilometre and a half until it reaches a gravel road and starts to follow it in the direction north. The trail passes the village of Hrastič, and turns left from the gravel road in the direction west. After less than two kilometres the trail, which runs first through fields and than through a green forest,  comes to the picturesque village of Čepić and its highest point at 381 metres. The village is situated above a beautiful karst valley, Čepićka vala. There are natural rocks in the vicinity of the village at the entrance to the valley with several climbing routes mostly for beginners. The entrance offers a stunning view of the fruitful valley rich with flora and fauna, as well as three water wells – Studenac, Brist and Velika. The walking trail from Čepić continues until one of the most impressive churches in this area, the church of St. Mary of the Snow (crkva sv. Marije od Snijega) built in 1492. There is a 15 metre bell tower in the front of the immense three-nave church, and the inside of the church hides a plate with an inscription in Glagolitic alphabet from 1588. From this point, the trail continues direction north and crosses the gravel road between Čepić and Šterna. It passes a small village of Grguri and continues downhill through the fields and forests up to its 11th kilometre. The trail starts to ascend for some five hundred metres up to the church of St. Cantius (crkva sv. Kancijana) in a little cemetery above Šterna, from where there is an amazing view of the surroundings.  

From this point, the trail descends through the forest and farmland in the direction south-west until the asphalt road. Here, on the north side of the road it is worthwhile to see Butori fall and gorge, which are visible from the road. The fall is fenced and the path leading to its foot is well maintained and protected so it can be easily climbed down. A rivulet flows into the gorge, which first forms a fall, then a lake and than the water disappears underground. Until now, some 500 meters of the underground tunnel, at the depth of 230 meters, was explored. At Butori, the trail leaves the main road and continues to descend southwards along a little road which goes past a small village of Filarija, and then along a path which goes though open fields and sparse bushes until it joins an asphalt road which runs downhill from the village of Šterna. The trail leaves the road about one hundred metres southwards and continues southeast through fields and little forests towards the village of Sveti Ivan. Before it reaches the main road, the trail runs uphill in the direction northeast through the fields for another kilometres. When on the main road, the trail turns right and soon reaches its end (beginning) in Sveta Lucija.


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