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An easy, circular trail starts and ends in Bale, a charming Istrian town located between Rovinj, Svetvinčenat and Kanfanar.Along with the natural beauties that can be seen on this trail, the specificity of the area is reflected in a number of cultural attractions, among which are the kažuni, a symbol of the southern part of Istria. Small shelters hidden within the fields that are built only of stone without any form of binding, whist the terrain was scrambled from the stone and the same stone was used to fence the terrain, creating beautiful views of the kilometre long dry stonewalls.When returning to Bale, visit this charming town with its magical history hidden within its narrow streets. Another interesting site is the crypt in the Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary to St. Elizabeth, a gallery dedicated to dinosaurs or the sports hall, proclaimed the most beautiful in the world.


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