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The 9.6 km long circular trail runs from the youngest town in Istria, Raša, located in a narrow valley just 2 km away from the sea. Raša was created deliberately, as a settlement for miners who have dedicated their lives to the extraction of coal, and today is an example of a completely preserved urban entity. When starting a walk, attention should be paid to the church of St. Barbara, which is located in the central square, and looks like a reverse wagon for coal, while its belfry looks like mine hoists. Right from this place, the trail runs towards the end of the settlement, passing by planned houses and buildings for the needs of the miners. The trail connects to the old railway line, where the remains of black ?gold? can be seen. The road continues uphill towards the village of Breg, which is also the highest point of the trail which overlooks the valley of the Raša river. Further, the trail leads towards the end of the village and goes downhill through the forest paths, returning to the valley on the old railway line and passing by the mine, which was once one of the main sources of income for the local population. Passing through the town, the trail leads back to the central square


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