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The trail that will allow you to get to know the local hamlets, the rural tradition and the beautiful nature is located in Vižinada, the trail number  504 called “Heart of Vižinada” is a 6.9 km long trail and covers the southwestern part of the municipality of Vižinada and passes through the villages: Bajkini, Vranje selo and Crklada. On this trail you can enjoy valuable cultural monuments (frescoes in the church of St. Mary in Gods’ Field, frescoes in the church of St. Barnabas in Vižinada), you can find out the history of Vižinada, on the path you can visit local winemakers and olive growers and taste their products, you can talk to the local people and find out the old  legends of Vižinada, as well as enjoy beautiful views, and on your return you can turn a hiking trip into a gastronomic event by visiting nearby households, restaurants and taverns.


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