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201 (ex --) KANFANAR - DVIGRAD

The circular 10-kilometre long trail Kanfanar – Dvigrad starts from Marko Zeljko Square (Trg Marka Zeljka), which is the main square in Kanfanar. The trail runs northwards along Istarska Street (Istarska ulica), and then continues along Pinkolica Street up to Grguci. At this point the trail starts to descend down the path that leads to the Kašteljir well, once the main and the only source of water in the area. From Kašteljir, the trail continues to descend to the Lim Valley (Limska draga) and turns left onto the gravel path that leads to Lim Bay (Limski zaljev), which is a protected geomorphological and hydrological site and a special reserve, known as a mussel, oyster and fish hatchery. As such, Lim bay is a magnet for a great mix of guests, from nature-lovers, gourmets craving seafood specialties, to climbers who visit the local slopes in order to get their dose of adrenaline. Accompanied by the story of Lim Bay, you’ll soon reach the asphalt road and the Church of St. Mary of Lakuće (crkva sv. Marije od Lakuća) and its cemetery situated beneath Dvigrad, the abandoned medieval town and important historical and archaeological site. The town was inhabited in prehistoric times, but it was abandoned in 1714, partly because of wars, and partly because of the plague. Nowadays, the remains of the town still withstand the ravages of time and give some idea of how the medieval town, that is, the castle looked like before. According to a legend, Dvigrad is the place where the notorious English pirate Henry Morgan buried his treasure. Such legends will follow you all the way uphill to the Church of St. Anthony (crkva sv. Antona) and to the ruins of St. Petronille’s Monastery (samostan sv. Petronile) which is situated on the road to Kanfanar. There the trail turns onto a gravel road which is a shortcut to the industrial zone and the modern buildings of the Tobacco Factory Rovinj (Tvronica duhana Rovinj). After passing the railway station, the trail enters Kanfanar to end on Marko Zeljko Square.  


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