The trail starts in Bale, leads to a hilltop and reaches the basin and Fountain well (izvor Fontana) and the plateau, where there is a view of Učka and Ćićarija on one side, and of the Adriatic sea on the other side. The trail gets to the Butoniga-Pula water pipeline where it turns to the left and continues along that route for the next 2 kilometres. Then, it turns onto a forest path that runs to the Istrian Y highway where it crosses the bridge. The trail soon reaches the St. Peter layby. We suggest that you turn to the right and visit the church of St. Peter (crkva sv. Petra) built in the 14th century on a 10 metres high rock. After the layby, the trail continues along the gravel road to the village of Kranjčići, and then further to Svetivinčenat where you will find yourself on the beautiful main square with the arched town loge and Morosini-Grimani castle, which is the symbol of Svetvinčenat and a destination of numerous excursionists.


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