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  • Labin Old town (Baroque palaces, Matthias Flacius Illyricus Memorial Collection, art galleries and churches, Labin Art Republic)
  • Raša – the youngest Istrian town built in 1937, designed by G. Pulitzer for coal miners
  • St. Barbara’s church – the patroness of miners, a collection of mining equipment

Have you heard of the youngest town in Istria, the town of mining? If not, choose the Trail of St. Barbara and head to Raša.

Start with Labin Old town sightseeing  and discover the beautiful buildings preserved from Venetian time: the town gate San Fior, the loggia, the palaces Franković, Manzini, Scampicchio, Negri and Battiala - Lazzarini (Labin Museum). The Museum will enchant you with its unique model of a mine in this part of Europe, which takes you back to the mining history of Labin and its surroundings. The old town of Labin is now artists’ paradise, and in summer it turns into an open-air stage (Labin Art Republic).

Full of impressions, head to Raša in search of new discoveries. The trail passes next to ‘Karlota’, a quarry and one of the mine shafts, introducing you the arrival in the mining town.
Like a calming scenery setting, Raša will charm you with its regular lines of houses, immersed in the landscape of Raša valley, which seem almost unreal. Designed by the architect Pulitzer Finali, Raša was built in 1937 as modern city for the needs of miners and their families with all necessary facilities (school, hospital and cinema) and a church dedicated to the patroness of miners St. Barbara, built in the shape of an overturned coal wagon, with its bell tower resembling a miner's lamp.

Even though mining activities in this area finished a long time ago, traces of mining history can be found in the church of St. Barbara, which houses a beautiful collection of mining artifacts. Till your next hike we salute with the traditional miners’ greeting- Good luck!


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