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133 (ex 303) Lookout Trail Gornji Kamenjak

Before heading to the Lookout Trail, we definitely recommend you download GPS coordinates from the Medulin Riviera web pages in order to find your way on this adventurous route, because the trail is not marked with signposts or markers. But this doesn't mean you’ll not be able to enjoy it, because it offers both adventure and pleasure.

The trail starts at the parking lot at the entrance to Premantura on the right. Take the gravel road to the north and turn left onto the path along the power lines. Along the way you’ll come upon a clearing with beautifully landscaped olive groves, then you go up Gomila hill from which you'll enjoy a beautiful view of the Medulin Bay and Šćuza, to the one side, and the open sea, to the other. At the top of Gomila hill there is one of the labyrinths. From this hill you descend down a trodden path towards a notch made by the Austro-Hungarian Army for the purpose of defending Pula and its surroundings from the Italian army during World War I. Along the edge of the notch you descend to the next lookout which offers a view of the west side of Kamenjak and the Porer lighthouse. Take the gravel road to the following elevated area, and on the left turn onto a foot trail leading to a hill topped by a large stone cross, carved by the famous Istrian sculptor Šime Vidulin. At the top of this hill, be sure to stop for a moment to enjoy the view of Banjole and the surrounding islets, as well as the beautiful outlines of Pula in the distance. The trodden path then descends to a secluded renovated stone house and then turns left into a grove. Following the path through the grove you'll reach Crvene stijene (Red Rocks) and the Valun cove. Red Rocks attract the attention of many hikers and mountain bikers for their specific reddish colour and glass-like structure. You continue along a wide gravel road surrounded by macchia and cultivated fields. When you reach the intersection of two roads, turn right. You will reach a gravel road which is also the route of the bike trails 315 Medulin Riviera and 316 Premanturka (marked by signposts).

You move uphill along a gravel road for about one kilometre and then turn left onto a foot trail and slowly descend towards Šćuza. You will go past the Gomila battery, which was built by the Austro-Hungarian Army to defend Pula and its surroundings from Italian attacks during World War I. The trail goes further uphill and you will soon reach Upper Kamenjak, here you'll come upon the Gradina Educational Trail, which also includes a didactic trail for the blind. Before reaching the end of the trail at the parking lot in Premantura, you'll come across the cave of Our Lady of Lourdes.

We hope you enjoyed your hike and that afterwards, while resting, you'll enjoy remembering the beautiful views and scents surrounding you during your eight kilometre hike. The hike will take you about an hour and a half, but if you have time to spare, stop by the sculptures of the Way of the Cross along the trail. Stop for a bit and enjoy the vistas and views. It’s nice to stop and take a break once in a while, isn't it?


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