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861 (ex --) The Trail of Ponds and Jug

The combination of green and blue, a rich cultural and historical heritage and numerous ponds, as well as the indispensable traditional Istrian wines and authentic Istrian dishes, are reason enough to visit Nedešćina and walk along this enogastronomic trail. The 10km-long hiking trail connects the rich Istrian wine scene and picturesque vineyards, several small ponds (“kalić”) important for the preservation of freshwater habitats and its flora and fauna, and traditional Istrian cuisine.

From the centre of Nedešćina, head in the direction of the “Romeo” winery and towards the old town centre, which features the tower of the Church of the Most Holy Trinity.  Not far away, there is another winery that preserves the centuries-old tradition of winemaking, the “Matiška” winery. You move away from the town, walking through the picturesque landscapes of Red Istria with fruitful vineyards. The result of the long tradition of winemaking in this region are numerous medals for top-quality wines such as Malvasia, Muscat, and Teran, awarded at well-known wine festivals.

You continue towards the “Giovanna Allegra” family farm, whose owners will accommodate you in their facility where they offer authentic traditional Istrian dishes.

The trail then passes next to rare water springs that have remained as an indispensable part of the Istrian cultural heritage. The importance of preserving ponds (“kalić”) and their rich flora and fauna is part of the local culture of the Istrian region.  The Dužica “kalić”, the Čiper “kalić”, the Marguda pond and the Rupica spring are just some of the rare preserved examples of freshwater habitats.

Before returning to Nedešćina, visit another estate, whose owners have been engaged in cattle breeding for years.  A walk through the “Cerovac” estate will especially delight children, who will experience playing with domestic animals as a unique type of “school in nature”. Relax in a pleasant Istrian ambience with the warm hospitality of the hosts and reward your taste buds with traditional Istrian dishes.

There are still 3km left until you return to Nedešćina, and the trail passes along old paths next to dry stone walls and fertile arable fields. Finally, all that is left is to try a little bit of top-quality wine from the “Fuhtar” winery, whose tradition of wine production has been handed down to younger generations for a whole century.

The trail ends in the centre of Nedešćina, where you return full of experiences of unique nature, peace, and relaxation, as well as the smells and tastes of Istrian enogastronomy.


Route attractions: the Church of the Most Holy Trinity Nedešćina, Dužica kalić, Čiper kalić, Marguda pond, Rupica spring.

Wineries and family farms: Romeo winery, Matiška winery, Giovanna Allegra agro-tourism, Cerovac family farm, Fuhtar winery, Restaurant Placa.

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