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512 (ex --) The two mills

The beginning of this circular hiking trail is right in the center of Kaštelir. The first 400 m lead through the village to the soccer field. Immediately after this, the path turns right onto a wide gravel path interspersed with picturesque vineyards and olive groves. After 2 km of gravel road, this trail reaches the underpass of the Istrian highway called Y (the main motorway of Istria) where we must turn left. On this section we wil enjoy the wonderful views of the valley carved by the largest and longest river in Istria, the Mirna.

After about 3 km the path turns right and leads us steeply downhill. Below we cross a small bridge over the old riverbed of the Mirna. The trail got its name from the two old nearby mills.

The Mirna River is 53 km long and its course includes several magical tributaries and waterfalls. The middle part of the river flows towards the Motovun forest. This is the most famous location of the delicious truffles. The Mirna continues to flow into the valley that stretches out ahead of us and further under the bridge where it meets the Adriatic Sea. If you look down into the valley, you will see many canals that are used to irrigate the fields, but also to prevent flooding.

After crossing the small bridge, our path turns right and follows the stream bed for the next 3 km. We pass the hunting post and another small bridge until we reach a slightly larger bridge. A wide macadam road appears, leading back up to the foot of the paraglider runway. During those 2 km we climb over 200 meters. The path leads past a large solar power plant, after which we reach again the same underpass of the Istrian highway. A few meters after the underpass there is a crossroad with 3 paths. We take the middle one and follow this wide macadam to the entrance of a village calls Valentiće (Kaštelir/Labinci) next to a famous restaurant called Žardin. A pleasant, paved road follows through a populated place, leading to the starting point in the canter of Kaštelir, where this circular trail ends.


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