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731 (ex --) Aurania

(!) Warning: One part of the trail (near Sergovija) passes through a rocky section, the bed of the torrential Vranjski stream, so after rainy weather it is difficult to pass through that part of the trail. Great caution and adequate footwear are required due to the slippery terrain and water in the bed.


The Aurania trail was created with the idea of connecting two points, two former "guards". One of which is on the border area of the Učka Nature Park, today the village of Vranja, near to where the old castle - fortress (Aurania) was once found. In the past it was a strategically important place, on a narrow protruding rock surrounded on three sides by ravines, through which a torrent of streams flowed pouring down from Učka. Unfortunately, this has been in ruins since around 1700. From the area of the Učka mountain in the direction of our Istrian peninsula, one cannot fail to notice the "second guard", which is the settlement on a nearby hill - Boljun. In a strategic position, with a castle that survived unconquered for centuries, above the fertile fields of the Boljunčica river valley, this was once an important centre of the area. Today it is a quiet, sparsely populated medieval town, but a must-see for any true explorer of authentic Istria.

Besides an interesting past, it also hides interesting assets in the present: the beauty of pristine nature, fertile valleys, cultural and historical heritage and an unavoidable traditional gastronomy. Along this trail, you will pass by 3 taverns: the Konoba Ema, the Konoba Tomaško and the Boljunska konoba – and there is no chance of you staying hungry or thirsty.

Since ancient times, this part of Istria has been known for its agriculture and livestock, so it is a real opportunity to purchase fine honey from Učka (Baričević agricultural family farm) or cheeses and other dairy products from the pastures of the Boljunsko polje (Buretić agricultural business).

And for all those wanting to hike longer, the impressive Vela draga is not far away, as well as a number of hiking trails on nearby Učka and Ćićarija.


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