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202 (ex --) LIM - SV. MARTIN

The trail starts on the meadow situated at the beginning of the 12-kilometre-long Lim Bay (Limski zaljev), a flooded karst valley on the western coast of Istria. Lim Bay is a unique geomorphological and hydrological landscape protected by Croatian law. Furthermore, the bay was designated as special sea reserve, which makes it a suitable bivalve and fish hatchery. These sea delicacies are the reason why many foreign and domestic guests stop over on the coast of the emerald blue bay. Others cannot resist the unspoiled beauty of the nature. Frequent guests on the slopes of the bay are also adrenaline lovers who choose to explore the cliffs and rocks of the bay by climbing. In the area you can also find the path that leads to Romuald’s cave, which was named after St. Romuald, the hermit who, as the legend says, once lived there. The trail “Lim – St. Martin” follows the path along the sea in the eastern part of Lim Bay and it gradually ascends to fields over Lim at a height of 140 meters. The trail runs around the 217 meters high peak of St. Martin, which you can climb following the path that turns left at the crossing before the village of Bubani. The hilltop lookout offers a stunning view of the surrounding scenery. On the top of the hill, there is the Church of St. Martin, an antenna mast and a radar antenna. When you are ready to say goodbye to the marvellous vistas, go back by following the same trail all the way to the junction. Proceed straight through the village of Bubani and stick to the asphalt road, which will lead you to the village of Sošići. The trail turns left after the bocce court and descends into the Lim Valley. At the bottom of the valley, the trail gets onto a gravel road, turns left and soon arrives back to the starting point, the peaceful meadow at the beginning of Lim Bay. 


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