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711 (ex 611) PAZIN - BERAM - PAZIN

The route to Beram and back starts in the vicinity of the parish church of St. Nicholas (crkva sv. Nikole) built in the 13th century, or more precisely, in front of the Central Istria Tourist Board. The trail, leading through the old part of the city, passes by the biggest and best preserved castle in Istria, Pazin Castle (Pazinski kaštel), originally built in the 10th century. Pazin Castle is rightly considered the symbol of Pazin, giving the town its recognizable appearance. The trail runs further to Vršić Bridge which arches over the Abyss of Pazin, a unique hydrogeological phenomenon that served as an inspiration to the French writer Jules Verne for his world-famous novel “Mathias Sandorf”. From this point, the trail continues along the former Pazinka factory, which was the backbone of Pazin economy in the second half of the 20th century, and then it ascends to Gortan’s Hill (Gortanov brijeg). The top of the hill offers amazing vistas of the surrounding area.

After passing Gortan’s Hill the trail leaves the main gravel road and turns onto a marked path, continuing through pastures and forests down to the road near the village of Beram. Do not let the picturesque village seduce you and continue your way along the trail, which turns right. Soon you will pass by a secluded little church of St. Mary of the Rocks (crkva sv. Marije na škriljinah) which has been welcoming walkers and passers-by since the 15th century.  We recommend you to take a peek at the inside of the church “guarded” by the famous fresco called the Dance of the Dead (Ples mrtvaca) painted by the master of the wall painting Vincent of Kastav (Vincent iz Kastva). 

The trail then climbs a gravel road up to a cliff, after which it descends through the forest to the Pazinčica river valley and the locally well-known waterfall called Pazinski krov, which is in its full splendour during the spring months and high water level. After refreshing by the gurgling waterfall, you continue your ascent to Pazin’s old town and reach the end point as you walk through city streets.


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